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High Gain Industrial Limited is a Hong Kong based corporation founded in 1990. Our business mainly covers the manufacturing, importing, exporting, developing and selling of composite materials, related equipments and technologies.

We have been devoted ourselves to promoting the development of composite industry in China since founded. In addition to introducing advanced technologies, we also offer various types of composite materials and products to Chinese user.

Our main products include carbon fiber, FRP raw materials and processing machines, core materials, resin and prepreg machines, which are widely applied in sport goods, medical equipments, infrastructure, marine, aerospace, traffic and transportation, electronics and other high-tech industries.

Through the research and development of composite materials and relevant high technologies for more than ten years, we have accumulated abundant experiences about the industry. Connecting and cooperating with the leading composite companies as alliance and combining our professionals and enormous resources, we dedicate to provide effective products, professional technical support and timely marketing consultation to meet the needs of our customers. Regarding the storage and transportation system, we have the warehouse at home and promise to offer swift and safe stock service for customers with the perfect equipments and the developed logistic organization.

Abided by the philosophy of “foresight and innovation” and customer-orientated faith, and based on the high-quality products, quick delivery and best after-sale service, we strive to continuously introduce new products and technologies and undertake the responsibility of promoting the development of the composite industry in China.

====== History ======

1990 - Establishing HIGH GAIN INDUSTRIAL LTD. in Hong Kong and starting with selling composites materials;
1993 - Introducing carbon fibre and glass fibre from America and helping the domestic producers to apply the high-performance fibre to commercial use;
1997 - Becoming the General Agent of Taiwan PLASTIC GROUP to sell carbon fibre in China; Setting up the Composite Department at the same year;
1998 - Setting up the Mechanical Department and introducing the prepreg equipment and other composite product equipments;
1999 - Establishing HG TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. in Shanghai and participating in composite material processing and finished product manufacturing, and introducing various kinds of woven fabrics; Setting up the Finished Product Department at the same year, and providing design and production project of finished products to customers;
2000 - Cooperating with the Taiwan COMPOSITE TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD by agency agreement and developing the reinforcement industry in China together;
2001 -  Developing composite snowboards and skateboards and achieving the annual production of 500,000 sets successful;
2002 - Establishing ANSON INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD. in Sri Lanka and helping the composite producers to develop the local market;
- Succeeding in researching and developing the thermoplastic laminates, which simplifying the procedure, enhancing the producing efficiency and reducing the cost;
2003 - Establishing RSSR OVERSEAS CO., LTD. in India and helping the Indian composite producers to develop the local market;
- Becoming the General Agent of WOLFANGEL GmbH in Asia, a famous German manufacturer specializes in RTM, and introducing the advanced RTM technologies and relevant equipments to China;
2004 - Becoming the General Agent of WESSEX RESINS & ADHESIVES LTD. of UK in China and introducing WEST SYSYTEM epoxy resin to apply to the boat, sport goods and rotor blades manufacturing.